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LaBratory™ is a specialized lingerie brand founded in 2016 by plastic surgeons Dr. Adelyn Ho and Dr. Alexander Seal, in collaboration with Dora Lau of Dora L. International Inc.

Dr. Adelyn Ho and Dr. Alexander Seal are both certified Plastic Surgeons and Fellows of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. They take pride in providing their patients both aesthetic, and reconstructive, breast surgery care. It was identified that, patients undergoing breast procedures are limited in post-operative bra selections. In addition, there is a challenge in directing patients to an appropriate resource for garments. The existing surgical bras are restrictive in their aesthetic appeal and attention to beauty, and the options for everyday, supportive bras that meet the unique needs of their patients were limited.

"We have recognized the need for a better quality and selection of bras for women who have had breast surgery. We frequently have heard comments from our patients on the challenges in finding bras that fit them properly, as well as the discomfort of bras that they are currently wearing. This need has led to the creation of LaBratory, a Bra and Lingerie company scientifically creating beautiful bras.  The first area of focus for LaBratory has been to design bras specifically for women who have had breast surgery, and this is under the label Surgical Couture."

"Our focus is to optimize patient’s results and comfort after surgery. In addition, our goal is to provide access to functional, optimally fitted, and beautiful bras for patients after breast surgery, and to enhance long term excitement with how their breasts look and feel."

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This bra has been created to provide support and comfort immediately following surgery and during the post-operative recovery period. The focus of this bra is to optimize your results and comfort after breast surgery.

This beautiful, functional, and optimally fitted bra can continue to be worn after the recovery period asa non-underwire everyday bra.

Our leadership team

Dr. Alex Seal

Learn more about Dr. Seal's background that has brought him into the world of designing beautiful, functional bras for women who have undergone breast surgery.

Dr. Adelyn Ho

Learn more about Dr. Ho's background that has brought her into the world of designing beautiful, functional bras for women who have undergone breast surgery.

Dora Lau

Learn more about Dora and her dedication to the bra and lingerie world.

LaBratory has joined forces  to beat Breast Cancer

We are grateful for your support, as a percentage of the proceeds from every bra sold is donated towards Breast Cancer Research.

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