The Why

Magali Roy, Communication Coordinator Dermapure. A conversation with Dr. Adelyn Ho and Dr. Alex Seal from LaBratory

What does LaBratory bring to the Bra and Lingerie field?

We recognized that after you have had breast surgery to enhance your own beauty and feel sexy and more feminine, often you get placed into a very medical, binding, unattractive surgical bra. Or, you have just had a mastectomy for breast cancer, and you are recovering you are in a medical, unattractive surgical bra. And we really wanted to change that experience.  We want patients to feel excited about how their breasts look and feel right after surgery, and for the rest of their lives.

Are these bras only for after surgery?

LaBratory Bras are designed to optimize comfort and beauty after having breast surgery and can be worn at any time. Our patients frequently had told us the challenges they had finding bras that fit them properly, and how the bras they were currently wearing are uncomfortable. This ultimately led to the creation of LaBratory, a Bra and Lingerie company scientifically creating beautiful bras.

What is the Surgical Couture Bra?

The first area of focus for LaBratory has been to design bras for the recovery period after breast surgery, and this is under the label Surgical Couture. Our goal is to provide access to comfortable, optimally fitted, and beautiful bras for patients after breast surgery, and to enhance long term excitement with how their breasts look and feel.

How did you create the Surgical Couture Bra?

For the design of the surgical couture bra, we had focus groups with our own patients, finding out what they disliked about the previous surgical bras we were putting them in. We also asked them what features they would really love to see in a new bra. With this amazing wealth of information we brought this to Dora and her designers to help create the first Surgical Couture Bra. We then continued to measure our own patients after breast surgery, including their band and cup size, and have refined the bra after fit testing on our own patients over the course of 3 years. This has allowed us to create a perfect bra for these patients.

Where does the name 'LaBratory' come from?

'LaBratory' is a play on the word 'Laboratory'. These are scientifically created beautiful, functional bras, and the "o" is taken out of the word to highlight "Bra". We also have been fortunate to work with Dora Lau and her team at Curvy Couture, which is a lingerie brand based out of Los Angeles. Both Adelyn and I have a strong connection with LA, as we both did extra plastic surgery training there.  We feel the word represents this LA Bra Story.  LaBratory is the combination of these words.

What is next for LaBratory?

The next bra that we are developing is the 'Everyday Bra' that is worn after the 'Surgical Couture Bra' and we are really excited for this next project. This bra is really what inspired us to start designing bras for our patients, who could not find comfortable bras once they no longer needed their surgical bra.