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July 8, 2022


I love this surgical couture bra!! it is so soft and way more comfortable than the post-op bra you wear out of surgery! I will definitely be ordering more.

Victoria, BC
November 29, 2022


I wanted to reach out and let you know that ordering the specialty bra from you was a fantastic experience right up to it arriving this morning - my daughter was thrilled it came so fast! Thank you very much! I’ll be ordering another shortly.

Ontario, Canada
December 12, 2020


I was quite fascinated with these bras even though I didn't have breast surgeries. I got one and it was the most comfortable bra I've ever tried on....and it looked wonderful too! Time to replace all my old bras.

Vancouver, BC
December 30, 2020


These bras are fabulous and I absolutely love them. I am almost 20 years post surgery and this is the best bra. The bra fits so well and the support is amazing. The fabric is so soft and I love the lace detail. I love how this bra enhances the right areas and is so comfortable.

Vancouver, BC
November 14, 2020


Thank you so much for creating these bras! I had breast cancer with some complications. Last visit was my exchange and walking out with such a comfortable & attractive bra was icing on the cake. I don’t feel like I’m bandaged or bound. It’s sexy and shows my new “girls". Thank you so much!

Vancouver, BC
November 23, 2020


I had my surgery about a week and half ago, and I’ve been wearing your labratory bra ever since. It is wonderful!

September 21, 2020


A TREASURE! How can a bra feel so soft, look so sexy, and also give the gentle compression and support required for the best outcomes after breast surgery? LaBratory is absolutely the most comfortable, functional bra I’ve ever worn.

Halfmoon Bay, BC
October 27, 2019


This is the most amazing bra! It’s so comfortable, the material is so soft & it washes very well. I really appreciate the pretty lace accents. I’m sure I will wear this even after recovery!

Langley, BC
June 28, 2019


Super cute. The bottom band is very comfortable and the fabric feels great.

(Vancouver, BC)
June 11, 2019


Fabric feels great. Much nicer than first bra I wore after surgery.

(Langley, BC)
June 11, 2019


Really like the way the fabric feels on my skin. The lace is pretty too.

(Burnaby, BC)
June 18, 2019


Love the way the fabric feels.

(Vancouver, BC)
June 7, 2019


Very comfortable. Like the lace and the look and feel of the bra without the cups in.

(Mission, BC)
May 27, 2019


Really like the fabric and the lace.

(Port Coquitlam, BC)
May 7, 2019


Love this bra. The band is much more comfortable and my other surgical bra was riding up on my incision.

(North Vancouver, BC)
November 20, 2018


Love the fabric. Currently wearing a 32 or 34-C from most companies, and the size "S" Surgical Couture Bra fit great.

(Burnaby, BC)
July 31, 2018


Wearing this 2 years after surgery feels very comfortable. In comparison to what I had to wear after my surgery, I would much rather wear this bra.

(Mission, BC)
August 29, 2018


Love this bra as a post-OP bra. Super cute and the material feels great.

(Vancouver, BC)
July 25, 2018


I like this way more than the bra I had to wear after surgery. The fabric feels great and the cups are very comfortable.

(Vancouver, BC)
November 20, 2018


Much more comfortable than the initial bra I had to wear after surgery.

(Vancouver, BC)

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